How to Eat 2 of the Messiest Foods

How to Eat 2 of the Messiest Foods

No one wants to look sloppy, clumsy or uncool, especially when eating out with new friends or at an important lunch date. Your kids can learn early on the table manners for messy foods, and then when they’re out on that important business lunch when they’re all grown up, they’ll sail though it looking like a pro.

There are ways to enjoy the most famously messy eats without making a mess of oneself. Overall, the best way to eat messy foods is not to rush and to take small bites. And here’s how to eat two of the messiest…


Burgers seem to have been made just to defy one’s ability to keep clean and neat. But there is a way to avoid the mess when all those juicy, scrumptious insides come oozing out…

First, put a tray under your burger to catch any fallout, and then guess what? There’s a way to hold your burger. Flip the burger upside down – the top half of a burger bun is much thicker than the bottom. So, by flipping it upside down, the ingredients will be sitting on a firmer support and less likely to create a mess.


Buffalo Wings

De-bone your Buffalo wings! Take the bones out before you take a bite by removing

the cartilage on the wide end of the wing and then twist the small bone – it’ll easily pull out. Do the same with the large bone, then you’re ready to eat that wing.

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