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Etiquette Divas

Remember the days when mom used to tell you to mind your manners! Gone are the days when children are the only ones to hear this phrase, especially at the dinner table.

Managers sometimes invite their potential employees to dinner before making a final hiring decision. This is a test to help managers see their candidates’ social skills, and one the interviewee does not want to fail.

During the time of a tough economy, jobs can be hard to find. Employers are now requiring their employees to have more education, experience, and social skills making it a more competitive job market. Many business negotiations and deals are made over the dinner table. Companies want to be confident their employees know how to “mind their manners” and make a good impression on their clients and customers.   

Unfortunately, these important etiquette skills are not taught in school. However, manners are becoming increasingly important in the corporate world. To boost the economy and help students and job seekers find employment, Cheryl Brown and Joelle Bailey, co-owners and founders of “Etiquette Divas”  launched their “Mind Your Manners” campaign. Etiquette Divas offers classes and training in the areas that are a struggle for many people. These include how to be a good host or guest, dress etiquette for all events, office etiquette, movie etiquette, politely declining a dish, tipping the waiter, eating messy finger foods, and still maintaining class, when or where to chew gum, and proper posture for all occasions.

There is no age limit for students who would like to sign up for these classes. The motto for Etiquette Divas is “It is never too late or early to learn manners.” Brown and Bailey also say it is never too late to learn how to be a great host and prepare dishes that will dazzle your audience.