Is it Polite to Chew Gum?

Is it Polite to Chew Gum?

From noisy chewing like a cow, to constantly popping bubbles, or letting a piece of gum hang from your lips, gum chewing is full of bad manners potential. 

Chewing gum used to be considered rude, but it has now become quite common place. However, there are ways and whens to chew gum appropriately.

It’s OK to chew gum with friends or on the job, just long as you do it quietly. But bubble-popping, smacking sounds are rude and gross. It makes you look sloppy and disrespectful.

Avoid chewing gum during a job interview or formal gatherings, and don't chew gum at the table. It’s like wearing a shabby t-shirt to a nice dinner party. And you should keep a tissue or wrapper handy for getting rid of your gum, when necessary.

There really is a time and place for everything, so choose your gum-chewing moments carefully!

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